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Saito Adsense is a decentralized advertising module. Anyone can run an advertising network. And anyone can show advertisements from any network on any webpage. Users get paid directly by advertisers.

Once installed an advertising module will proactively insert advertisements into webpages generated by other Saito modules, compensating viewers with the tokens needed to send messages across the network. Our default module rewards users with 3 tokens when they first install the module, and additional tokens for every roughly 1000 advertisements viewed on the network. You will receive an email from our network whenever you receive tokens in payment. If you would like to d

Interested in Free Advertising?

While Saito is in TESTNET, we are happy to provide free advertising for legitimate projects that support free speech and cryptocurrency adoption. If you have such a project you would like us to help promote, please contact us with a brief description of your project and an advertisement suitable for inclusion in our network. All advertisements must be 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall and meet general community standards (nothing obscene or scammy).

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